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two seater turboprop artist impression
The developement of this very light two-seat training aircraft is on its way...
The preliminary stage is completed for a few years now. The design has been reviewed by several well known airplanes designers, among them LeRoy LoPresti, Darrol Stinton, Michel Colomban, Christophe Robin...
The practical work has begun and is on its way to produce a magnificent sportplane.

Below, some of the main figures:

And some of the computed performances:

Some pictures of the aeroplane in progress...

two seater turboprop In this picture, you can see the self produced mock-up and master mold of the very light high performance aircraft for a two persons accomodation in tandem. It is called tinyPHOON as a contraction for Typhoon and tiny.
The task was to design it from scratch, from the aerodynamical view point to the detail design with stress analysis.
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TEC-95 ...the ultimate turboprop engine conversion

One view of the unique engine
High power at high altitudes, high power to mass ratio, auto-restart at 50% power, relibility thanks to the free turbine concept, designed just like a real aviation turbine -not like an APU-, advanced technology to the amateur builder, featuring Finite Element Analyzed parts, optimised designs, and many more advantages for this very unique customized engine...

Below, some of the main figures:

Some suitable propellers:

Some pictures of the unique turboprop engine...

turboprop on the bench This is a close up view on the front engine part, with the oil cooling system, oil tank, oil circulation pump, oil cooler and also the so-called lambda fitting, which has been analyzed by Finite Element Method.
TEC-95 instrument panel This a view of the Turboprop engine TEC-95 experimental instrument panel, with provision for an additional instrument.
Now it has the throttle and propeller controls and a stop-watch. All parameters are measured while running.
TEC-95 exhaust stack This a view of the Turboprop engine exhaust stack or "moustache" which has been optimized to produce some 10 to 15 % of additional thrust at take-off or initial climb. It is made out of special high temperature stainless steel.

BERGER ENGINEERING soliciting launch customers to accelerate program development. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new aircraft, please send us an e-mail for your own copy of the general arrangement drawing.

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