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RF-Clear Protection Goggles RF-Clear for EHS Persons

These radio-frequency protective goggles have been developed and extensively tested over several years. They offer a very light weight, discreet, protection (-40 dB) against microwaves radiation of today's connectivity. They will last for a long time if treated with great care. They should be worn in conjunction with an overall head shielding garment.

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Our organism is using micro-electricity to work correctly. Since radio-frequencies induce currents in our conductive body, these currents may influence our organism. Our body is sensitive to electromagnetic fields surrounding us. Some persons have become Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) to the exploding environmental pollution (e-smog). Today, with our ever connected-mania, more and more people are suffering from the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Dr Rau (Paracelsius Klinik St Gallen) said a few years back that 30% of the population is affected to a certain extent.

The first deleterious effect have been found back in 1932 by German doctor Erwin Schliephake who published scientific data in the German Medical Weekly about radio transmitter-induced "microwave" or "radio wave sickness".

Step into Old Timer's world ! Original C150, 1958, TSN 4985, repainted 1993, new upholstery 2000, new wheels & brakes 2002, hangared. Engine: O-200A TSN 3030, TSO 680. IERA: COM Dittel ATR720, Intercom, TX mode C, ADF. With Maintenance History. CHF 30 k.
As of Mai 2009

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